Magical Busha allures us with its deep history, pure nature, artistic and hard-working inhabitants. Not a once our team will be recalling the project of 2015 as one of the most exciting and pleasant pages of our activities. We hope that Busha will be remembering about us as well and will keep inspiring the realization of the alike initiatives. Watch the video of the EVS volunteer Piotr Kujawski about Busha in frames of the “Image Mapping 2015” project.

Video material was created not only to promote Busha in Ukraine but also abroad. So we are trying to attract foreign tourists to visit the most hidden corners of Ukraine, because in such places all the beauty and naturalness are hidden. Busha remains an untouched place where you want to dive in ancient times and feel everything that happens around. The dominant quiet, friendly people, versatile nature, healing water will give you the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of peace, serenity and pleasure of weightlessness.