The folk originality has been reflected not only in the mode of life but as well as in the art of the local population of Busha. Ineffable beauty and energetics. This is Busha, this is Ukraine...

Unfortunately, every year fewer and fewer residents of Ukraine can recreate the songs, which were known by our ancestors. A little attention is allocated to the study of old songs, motives and performance styles. Earlier songs passed down from generation to generation, although there were no dictation machines and cameras.

For today we have a lot of technical means, but we don’t appreciate it. That is why in the frames of "Image Mapping» project Piotr Kujawski tried to revive and show the old style of songs to a wide range of individuals. Residents of Busha were really happy that some people got interested in folk singing. The fullness and wealth is transmitted in the words of the songs, they contain unsolved mysteries of history, simple life situations as well as raise domestic issues.

Listen to the traditional singing of the local Busha women (part 1 and part 2), that were recorded by Piotr Kujawski during the "Image Mapping 2015" project.