The "Image Maping" project aims at boosting incoming rural tourism of small communities through uncovering their authenticity and promoting their cultural and natural heritage, stimulation of intersectorial cooperation of people and entities  for the sake of  growing tourism potential and launch of the intercultural dialogue.

The project is carried out by the NGO "Development center Pangeya Ultima" with actions in Ukraine and Lithuania. 

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tourismDear friends, those who are eager of new unexpected discoveries, pleasant meetings and in unveiling deep history hidden all around, those who love getting lost in the borderless beauty of the countryside and crave for finding a place of recess for own body and soul, this site is for you.  

What information you can find here:

1. Interesting and luring destinations beyond the hectic rush of cities and crowded resorts, deep inside the countryside. Contact details of places to stay and visit are provided;

2. Information on historic, ethnic, cultural pecularities of the rural area in countries where our project takes place;

3. Stories about real people, on-going events, attractions and many other nuggets of the rural communities that could be interesting for the tourist to see or experience;

4. Information on progress of our project with reports from the on-site actions and other "Image Mapping" initiatives encompassing rural tourism promotion.


The "Image mapping" project was started by the NGO "Development center Pangeya Ultima" in 2015. Then it was selected by the Ministry of Sports and Youth of Ukraine as the best youth initiative of the year from the Vinnytska oblast to participate in the forum "Reforms and innovations of the youth sphere" in December 2015. Since then the project's activities grew strongly in particular to the support of its actions in 2016-17 by the "Local cooperation fund" of the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine. The project utilizes strongly the instruments of the international volunteering mobility proposed by the EVS of the Erasmus Plus Programme and workcamping.

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The "Image Mapping" utilizes audio-visual, media and other creative components to promote the separate communities. The project participants literally study and bring to visibility bright components of the cultural, ethnic and natural heritage of small communities with the help of audio-visual and media work. As well the activists of the project design the venue's "map" and bring out particular locations of interest with the help of creative routes called the "Alive pictures routes" installing frames and benches in special for the community places. This is where the project finds it name from.

Image Mapping in Ivkivtsi


I. Study and promotion of the cultural, ethnic, natural and etc. heritage of the small communities to boost their incoming rural tourism attractiveness;

II. Activating people and stimulation of the intersectorial cooperation in the countryside communities to grow capacity of their tourism sector;

III. Launch of the intercultural dialogue in small communities as the project team is comprised of activists from other countries and other international organizations and institutions are involved;

IV. Design and production of the route of "Alive pictures" in small communities that introduce and focus tourists onto interesting and important places. 

Busha community

Rural areas and other small or remote communities are chosen for the work. Ethnical originality or the rich historic and natural heritage gives a hint to the project participants for choosing the On-Site Action venue. As well the community needs to have active circle of individuals aiming at growing the incoming rural tourism. 

The image Mapping forum 2016

Parallel to the on-site actions in rural communities the “Image Mapping” project group carries out events aimed at promotion of green/rural tourism and capacity building of its actors in general: rural activists, owners of estates, public representatives from local communities. This includes forums, trainings, round-tables, etc.


«Image Mapping» is a working methodology that can be replicated onto many other interesting and active communities. That is why we address all interested parties to join our project concept and help in uncovering the unique authenticity of our land!

If you represent a small rural community OR feel enthusiastic about promotion of the countryside heritage OR inolved in developing of rural tourism in your region OR represent a fund that deals with rural development, so you may get involved by:

1) Faciltating us to run an On-Site project action in the separate community that includes erection of the route of "Alive pictures", production of media materials on the community by our activists, realization of other events and measures that help boost the rural tourism potential and stimulate citizen's activism;

2) Contribute media materials on separate rural touristic destination to be posted on our web-site;

3) Donate resources for enabling us carry on with the activities of the project concept, replicating On-Site Actions and thus reaching the 4 aims stated above.

If you are interested - please, get in touch with us by CONTACTS.

Intercultural meeting in Ivkivtsi