The Image Mapping 2015 team carried out the final presentation of the media-materials for the members of the Busha community (Vinnytska oblast). The events took place in the local school and the "Coffee-house". At the time when the first was mostly prepared for the little Busha inhabitants the second gathered those people who closely helped the project to be realized in Busha.

We tried to show children and adults that they live in a beautiful place, rich with historical events. It is necessary to value and spread it, because these people live in a unique area. But often we forget and don’t appreciate what surrounds us every day. We strive to the unknown when meanwhile we can enjoy what we have. Some people cover thousand kilometers to visit Busha and plunge into that atmosphere.

We also decided to make a presentation for the youngest residents of the village, as they will create the future of the village and its fate depends on them, what will happen to Busha.

Busha again proved its hospitality and our volunteers returned home tightly fed with rich natural presents 🙂