Ukraine is a country that has a long history of creation, the territory spreading from East to West. The country is inhabited by hospitable and kind people. It’s a Country of customs and traditions, beauty and picturesque scenery. It's hard to describe it with words; Ukraine should be seen, heard, felt!

Thanks to a large area, you can find everything here: mountains, sea caves, cliffs, and deserts, vast tracts of forest, rich fields and deep reservoirs. Much of the above mentioned can be combined on the territory of one village, that’s why arriving in one place, you can try different kinds of recreation.

Type of rest can also vary depending on the season. In winter the snowy mountains are waiting for you where you can go sledding or skiing and in summer - warm reservoir ponds, rivers, lakes and seas. Equally attractive are spring and autumn, when the rare plants and animals are awaking from under the snow. In autumn colors of trees show a fantastic performance before winter.

Ukraine has a lot of interesting villages that are famous for natural landscapes, historical events and interesting people.

And though, in the villages live quite few people anyway they don’t lose their colour and flavour. For villagers in Ukraine rather valuable things are dwelling, family, land and household. Also in the villages traditions and customs  are cherished more than in urban areas. Quite often all the family members come together for celebrations.

The main holidays are Christmas, Epiphany, Candlemas, the Annunciation, Easter. But throughout usually like to prepare a table full of dishes, often taken from their own garden or yard, as  these products are environmentally-safe.

Ukrainian villages are famous for hospitality and this is true. If someone comes to visit, you must regale the guests and sing songs. Nowadays, it’s becoming more rare to hear live singing, see the hostess embroidering, but still there are such yards. It is quite common for rural estates that await the tourists to try to revive the traditions, teach and pass on their experience.

We are waiting for you in Ukrainian villages where you can relax, dive into local folklore and atmosphere of integrity!