Melnyky – a village situated in the Kholodnyi Yar (Chyhyrynskyi district, Cherkaska oblast) along the Vedmedka river which is a tributary to Tiasmyn. A Bronze Age settlement was uncovered here – the Motronynske site as well as the mounds of the early Scythian time. On the territory of the village there is an active Holy Trinity Orthodox women's Motronynskyi monastery. Exactly the bell of this monastery repeatedly informed about the dangers to the inhabitants of the Kholodnyi Yar. Also the famous destination among tourists is the Gaidamackyi pond – a place where haidamaka rebels sanctified their knives. During the years of the Civil War at the beginning of the XX century the village hosted the headquarters of the Kholodnyi Yar Republic which struggled under the banners of autonomy and independence of Ukraine. The outstanding figures of that time were the local Chuchupaka brothers who inspired the Kholodnyi Yar Republic. The names of the nine members of the Chuchupaka family are immortalized on the monument standing in the village center. So Melnyky village is rich for its cultural, historic legacy and natural background.