"While documenting on Busha for my video project, I suddenly realized I had a lot of material about the past history of the village but I was missing some connection with the actual Busha. I decided to meet the people who are part of this place and I started to photograph them in their natural and intimate environment, that is to say, their house. What was interesting for me is the trust some of them gave me by letting me going inside their home. And it also revealed the variations of decoration of these very interiors. For this series, I confronted facades of houses you can encounter in the village and the portraits of some inhabitants, though these outsides/insides do not correspond to the same houses."

Marie F.

Indeed, we often pay attention to architecture, nature, as everything is organized around us. But we constantly forget about people who create the atmosphere of village. Many questions appear when you see a person, then why not speak to him/her?! Welcome to Busha - touch the house on your own, talk to its inhabitants. This will provide you with the chance to have some additional impressions about Busha.