Lithuania is a comparatively small country in North-Eastern Europe but despite its size it can boast with a concentration of abundant forests, water basins, hills and spacious fields. Populated with Lithuanians who have preserved through centuries its original language, interesting traditions and crafts that have but mixed with the surrounding cultures and enshrined themselves in the belt of Baltic cultures.

Stretching from massive forest swathes perforated with numerous lakes to the East and gradually changing with openings close to Baltic sea coastline the landscape of Lithaunia depicts the ancient processes of flattening and disturbances performed by ice age glaciers.

Lithuania has a rather developed tourism sector exhibited along with vibrant city destinations by the variety of options to enjoy within its natural and ethnic context. Well-preserved and cared for parks and reservations have created conditions for the upkeep of many endangered fauna and flora species, creative and hard-working tourism actors propose a number of attractions connected to folklore, crafts, cuisine and traditions, active recreation can be assembled with hikes and water-travels, and many old villagers and countryside museums always will tell you interesting, sometimes sad, stories of its native land.