Krushevo is the highest town in North Macedonia and its name derives from the meaning “Town of pear trees”. It is located in the historic area of Pelagonia surrounded by beautiful mountains. Krushevo is a hilly town with lots of narrow winding streets. Seeing an interesting-looking building in the distance, it’s easy to lose sight of it as soon as you attempt to get there.

City is rich on the 19th century architecture and old Macedonian style. Because of its elevation, Kruševo is one of North Macedonia’s winter sports destinations. It has several renown landmarks of local importance that include the Meckin Kamen uprising spot, the monument dedicated to the Ilinden uprising and some galleries. In the town center, don’t miss the Old Bazaar area, home to some of the town’s prominent churches and plenty of restaurants. Those who are fond of swimming can visit the Krushevo Lake, an artificial reservoir set amidst lush green surroundings.