So, as it really happend we decided to show in the video, because it is difficult to describe it using only words. But if we do our utmost to describe, the picture won’t be complete anyway. A lot of memories, emotions and impressions after the camp. Since the camp turned the routine life of participants upside down. Like you get in a movie, where everything is new and you want to try it.

Would we spend the whole days outdoors in town?! But here it is possible even at night as tents give the chance to feel the full freshness of each inhalation and exhalation. In the morning you wake up to the singing birds, in Busha there are a lot of them. And it is not an alarm clock that wakes you up every morning annoyingly. And then breakfast, installation of frameworks and benches, lunch, rest, games with the kids and an intercultural evening. Every day something new, not like the previous day.