Haidamatskyi pond is located in the most remote place in the forest of Kholodnyi Yar, Melnyky, Chygyrynsky district, Cherkasy region. It is also called Monastic pond, since a little higher on the hill is situated Motronynskyi monastery. From both sides the pond is protected by defensive ramparts.

Almost opposite Haidamatskyi pond are situated underground caves wich length is said to have reached up to 30 kilometers and lead from the Motronynskyi monastery to the defensive ramparts - Kholodnyi, Red and Sacred. This pond has become known for its legends about the Cossacks who sanctified knives here before going to Uman. Evidence to this are the findings at the bottom of the pond - weapons, tobacco pipes, flint and other military implements of Haidamaks. The findings were submitted to Chygyrynsky museum.

Team members of NGO Development center Pangeya Ultima made several trips and organized international workcamp in Kholodnyi Yar. During these events were made shootings of Haidamatskyi pond. This is really an interesting place enriched with history and the surrounding scenery!
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