If suddenly you go to Kholodnyi Yar, don`t forget to visit Holovkivka - the cradle of pottery in Ukraine. In this place you can find Village Museum of Folklore which holds exhibits of pottery, household and traditional clothing, photo gallery and not only.

The initiator of the museum was Boris Kuzyk, who laid the foundation for the project. To his help came the next director of the museum - V. Bykhtiy, she collected items contributed by villagers in hundreds of pieces of the past and present. That is why the museum is called "the folk".

From the beginning the visitors can get acquainted with the nature of Holovkivka and its environment. And then the museum has 5 rooms, divided by themes. Archeology, which includes tools and life of different eras. Historical Hall of the events in the village during the German-Soviet war. Hall, which holds photos of people who have made a significant contribution to the development of the village or the state. The fourth hall - the historic department is dedicated to family of Balabushok-Kuzyk, who comes from the village Holovkivka. The latest Hall of the historical museum contains story of Holovkivka of the present time and of people who glorified this village.

Visit the museum and learn more about Kholodnyi Yar!

Video created by Vita Kulinets, Yaroslav Gerashchenko.
In frames of Image Mapping project 2016 in Kholodnyi Yar (Cherkasy region)