Antaliepte village is located within one of the most picturesque places in Lithuania – inside the natural regional park “Grazutes”, which is literally translated as “The Beauty”. The landscape here is non-specific for the predominantly plain Lithuania, here as well flows the single for this country rocky river Savasa and merges with another river Sventoja.

As well around the village are a lot of hills and land-waves overgrown with fresh and diverse forests. Savasa has created picturesque wood canyons, favorite dwelling places of beavers. The name of Antaliepte derives from the high quantity of small bridges that cross springs and rivers in the village valley. The water-basin that was created as a result of the hydro-electrical station set up bearing the name “The sea of Antaliepte” is considered one of the most voluminous lake systems in whole Lithuania.

In Antaliepte and its vicinities is very cozy and these places have attracted people from early times. Nearby Antaliepte in the forest a pagan shrine can be found that literally emanates energy. The most active part of the Antaliepte settlement comes at the XVIII-XIX centuries. In particular a monastery of the western-European order of Barefoot Carmelites was founded here at the time, a catholic cathedral was erected. After the passage of Lithuania under the influence of the Russian empire these objects become Orthodox and during the Soviet times the monastery loses its religious purpose and fulfils others – from educational to storage.