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The long history of Busha, from the relics of the ancient Trypillian culture to the Cossacks battles, inspired many artists from Ukraine and abroad. They use to gather and carve their own dreams on stone. Can you recognize some symbols or patterns? Does Busha also inspire you?

Climb the stairs and enter the cave preservation. Here is a cryptic carving leading to passionate debates among scientists. If we are still not sure about its meaning, its beauty, the quietness of this place and the sounds from the near river surely leads fertile imaginations.

Imagine this place with high walls, several towers, a castle and a church on all the area between the two rivers… Imagine it now surrounded by Polish soldiers. As the Cossacks were losing the battle in 1654, Maryana, widow of the captain Zavysny, blew up herself in the gunpowder cellar, not to surrender to the enemy.

This place becomes mysterious while the sun starts going down… Observe the unfamiliar shapes of these old graves, quite unique for some of them. Try to decipher the inscriptions and let your imagination fly over the centuries to picture the unknown buried people overlooking the village.

Thank you for achieving the journey to Haidamasky Yar! Take a breath, listen to the river and look around you before to start exploring this stunning place. The geological formations add an inch of mystery and offer sinuous paths in the quiet and cool forest.