Here my 7 positives feelings about the camp!

like Persons and Participation!

Each meeting with local people, with volunteers of different countries, with Ukrainian volunteers, or with other persons was exceptional! Every persons of the camp participated in work with his own personality, with joy and with his talents. It was a chance to meet and know everyone. I really appreciated to share everything with everybody and to cooperate with them.



O like Original!

Creative camp with different artistic workshops, painting, drawing…

I enjoyed every moment: the different colors of the nature during the sunset and the sunrise, the animals in liberty in the village, the сountry side of this region…

S like Solidarity !

Together, every mission of the project in the camp became realizable. All simple things became important with everyone together and with each team (to prepare the food, to install the benches…)



I like Interesting and like Image mapping!

Historical project, ecological project, natural project, intercultural project, touristic project… 

I learned a lot about every monument and every museum that we visited. 

History of the Ukraine is just beautiful.

T like Typique !

Natural and connected with nature. It was a coming back to simplicity. This camp reminded me that we can easily settle for what surrounds us.



I like Individual !

A lot of work with myself, a lot of thoughts on my French position in Ukraine and with Ukrainian people. I liked spend time without internet for only let place to real conversations. The Time for personal thoughts was very useful  for coming back and think about the importance of life: the nature.

F like Fabulous !

The atmosphere of the camp was very nice! And dear Ukrainians habitants, I never had to need to understand you to know that you are full of wealth, and that all of you is very talented. Your values are beautiful, peaceful and very  friendly.