The Image Mapping project team has carried out a presentation of the media materials developed and of the project idea realized in Busha (Vinnytska oblast) for the visitors of the Timiriaziev public library and the "Window on America" center. The documentary produced by the project volunteers was demonstrated as well as interesting discussions on ethnic and natural heritage of our region took place.

Due to the videos more people have got awareness about Busha and its hidden corners. The opportunity to watch the videos in English will attract more tourists and increase the number of visitors in Busha. As the valuable material can’t be accessed by the tourists due to the language barriers, the foreigners can’t visit interesting places in Ukraine. Also, in comparison with photos, videos give more opportunities to see, hear and feel everything. After watching you are willing to come back there again and experience happy moments of your life again. We hope these videos will inspire people to travel to the villages in Ukraine!