The Image Mapping project has stepped over the border of Ukraine and was continued with an action in the Antaliepte village, Utena region that is on the far north of Lithuania. This place was chosen thanks to the cooperation of the DC Pangeya Ultima members with the “Innovator’s Valley” (founded by the NISI – National Institute of Social Integration) that promotes ideas of social entrepreneurship and different social and ecologically tailored innovations in this place.

Innovator’s valley engages the objects that were in the domain of the former Barefoot Carmelites monastery present in Antaliepte and confers to them the new meaning and inhales new life in them.

Different educational, social and cultural events are held here, youth programmes are realized.

Innovator’s valley together with the Antaliepte village can be referred as an interesting destination for the countryside tourism, that is why our project Image Mapping has taken up the mission to popularize and underline the remarkable places that should be of a prime attention to the incoming tourists.

Among the created “Alive pictures” dominate the sites on the territory where the Valley operates and where the Barefoot Carmelites monastery was established long ago.

In summer-autumn 2017 the Innovator’s Valley and the local community became the partners in realization of the third on-site action of the Image Mapping project (not accounting the Animating camp in Stina).

We are grateful to all of the partners for their roles.