Small village Buda – the village in the Chyhyryn district of the Cherkasy region, located in the heart of the Kholodnyi Yar. This place is outstanding not only in Ukraine but also far beyond thanks to the 1100-year-old oak of the Maksym Zalizniak. The trunk is 9 meters in breadth, its height is 24 meters. […]

The arrival of Noemie – new volunteer from France

We are happy to welcome new volunteer from France Noemie in our circles! A new energy and a new smiling face! Noemie already has got acquainted with Ukraine a little bit and liked its colorfulness. Noemie will get to know Ukrainian nature better, since volunteer will take part in the project Image Mapping, which is […]

“Image Mapping 2016” – the beginning

First meeting with the “Kholodnyi Yar”The “Kholodnyi Yar” has recompensed with hospitability, it feels the good intents… Each place has its own soul that inhabits forests, rivers, hills and meadows, and as well hearts of the local people. Respective to this the destiny of the territory is formed, the local history is composed and the […]