Image Mapping project offers an immersive adventure for those who take part in community actions, realization of media materials and other exciting events of the project. Often we work very close with the inhabitants of the local communities, simple people who love their villages and small towns. the project connects people from various settings and offers a sincere sharing against the rural natural backdrop. And there are so many beautiful things to explore for youngsters in the local lore of every host community!

Image Mapping has been always benefiting from engaging international youngsters as participants or volunteers into the work in rural communities over its actions. Moreover, Image Mapping offers training in community projects and builds up leadership potential in all those who take on responsibility to organize from scratch our interesting events. Image Mapping provides practical skills also that are connected to media production, handicraft and running of the camps, finally at the stage of organizing public events participants of the actions learn how to organize and conduct happenings in countryside venues and how to engage local partners.

Getting access to the target groups of young participants lets us participation in such international programs for non-formal education and volunteering as Erasmus Plus, European Solidarity Corps, international workcamps with Service Civil International, BauOrden etc.

We invite you to draw your own picture of adventure!