Image Mapping brings together youth workers from all over Europe in the village of Kötschach-Mauthen, Austria for a training course that is part of the bilateral project of Pangeya Ultima Development Center and SCI-Austria. Unforgettable landscapes of the Alps, sunny days, fun company of active people from several European countries and pleasant evenings of joint leisure - all this helped the participants to learn more about the methodology of our project, to take inspiration and plan further cooperation.

It is important to emphasize the professional and effective work of the partner this time SCI-Austria, and especially the responsible and clear work of the head coach - Thomas Schallhart. The project involved young representatives of partner organizations from Ireland (VSI-Ireland), Slovenia (Zavod Volontariat), Poland (Bona Fides), Italy (Eufemia Association), Croatia (Outward Bound), Spain (SCI-Cataluniya, IDEA-Alzira) and Bulgaria (Active Bulgarian Society).

The program was built around the main components of the Image Mapping project and aimed to activate leaders to implement international volunteer projects to revive cultural dialogue in rural areas. Mykhailo Osypenko, one of the coordinators of the “Eco-Center in Stina” visited the event on behalf of the Pangeya Ultima Development Center NGO in addition to the Image Mapping trainer Iaroslav Gerashchenko. He told the participants about the Center and his picturesque village.

The training was interactive with numerous practical tasks, which in some situations went beyond the auditorium. For example, the participants visited the old cemetery of soldiers killed in the First World War, as well as talked to the management of the local museum in Kotshach.

The training was also significant in the last days of the pre-pandemic "pre-reality" and some of the participants risked not getting home due to the disruption of public transport. But in the end, everyone got home to loved ones safely.