Busha - mysterious, historical, picturesque village in the Vinnytsia region, Yampil district. The village lies close to the border with Moldova, on the banks of the rapid Bushanka river. The area is interesting as on the territory the historical and cultural reserve "Busha" and the natural reserve "Gaidamatskyi Yar" are situated. The reserve hosts 4 archeological sites, remnants of the fortress and underground passages of the City Hall from the XVI century as well as a pre-Christian and the Christian temples. Besides the abovementioned attractions Busha has the Cossacks cemetery of the XVIII-XIX centuries that is dotted with hundreds of graves. Reliable data shows people on this territory appeared around 40 thousand years ago as there is evidence in the remains of mammoths hunters settlements. Today the village counts 847 inhabitants, rural tourism is under active development.