Small village Buda – the village in the Chyhyryn district of the Cherkasy region, located in the heart of the Kholodnyi Yar. This place is outstanding not only in Ukraine but also far beyond thanks to the 1100-year-old oak of the Maksym Zalizniak. The trunk is 9 meters in breadth, its height is 24 meters. Thunder-strikes have already hit the tree six times, the oak has witnessed many events that took place on the territory of the Kholodnyi Yar. In addition there is the Church of St. Peter the Just Much-sufferer (Kalnyshevskyi). At the Buda small village there is one more tragic wartime monument – the mass grave of the residents of the village that were killed by the fascist invaders in 1943. In as of today only 41 people live, among them there are eco-settlers as well.