Ivkivtsi is one of the widest villages in the Chyhyrynskyi district of the Cherkaska oblast according to its area, but still it is inhabited by a very few people, some say it’s around 200. The vicinity of the village hosts 5 uncovered mounds scattered in the fields and some remnants of ancient settlements. The village is situated above wonderful landscapes together with old houses with straw roofs. Separately we should mark the windmill that was built in around 1906 and that still continues to attract tourists and welcome them with its creak. In the village there’s a remarkable Semydubova mountain, the legends say that the body of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi was reburied there. There is a strong version as well that exactly in Ivkivtsi the head of the national liberation uprising of 1768 Maksym Zalizniak was born.