Holovkivka – the village in the Chyhyryn district of the Cherkasy region that is situated on the wavy slopes of the Kholodnyi Yar. A broad valley runs several kilometres down from the village surrounded by heights from three sides that are covered with dense forests. Nearby Holovkivka lies the Atamanskyi park – the reserved natural valley with lots of ponds and the healing radon spring named "Zhyvun" that was believed to treat wounds for rebel haidamakas. The Scythian settlement was uncovered near the village as well as a treasure consisting of Roman coins, products of the Kyivska Rus. Holovkivka is famous for its ceramics, its pottery is a unique phenomenon in the history of Ukrainian culture. In 1912 in the village 19 pottery houses as well as 70 potters operated.