Meeting in Ivkivtsi

Live a positive experience and come to visit Ivkivtsi. It’s situated in Cherkasy region (Ukraine), very plesant and colorful place. Here you will find wonderful natural places and warm people with historical stories about an old Ukrainian collection. A real museum! Take the opportunity to meet local people and talk about any interesting subject. The video is […]

Work-camp in “Kholodnyi Yar” (the Image Mapping project)

About how we worked and actively spent time in the camp you can see in our video. During the camp we had three main directions of work – installation points of “Lives pictures “ (there were 9 into 5villages of Kholodniy Yar) preparation for intercultural evenings  and maintain life of the camp. All of us […]

The Busha documentary (Image Mapping 2015)

The team of the “Image Mapping 2015” project presnets a documentary about Busha. We welcome you to touch with its help the magical power this picturesque place at the South of our region possesses. We hope those who had not been to Busha before would like to visit it after watching this video.