Sometimes there’s a great desire to relax, stay in the nature, listen to the singing birds, breathe in the fragrance of freshly cut grass, flowers and trees. All of these, and many more can be given to you by rural tourism. Morning roosters, food from the oven, bathing in a pure pond or river, many rural domestic animals that freely roam in the wide-spread areas of grassland. In addition, interesting traditions, culture and customs, which vary in different parts of the country. Each village is a little story that continues up to these days.

Each year, rural tourism is becoming more and more popular among urban dwellers. Farmers learn to receive visitors in their homes and provide quality services. Although there is a tendency of reduction of the number of villagers, but those who stay there and develop the village, are really worthy of respect.

Today the more developed rural tourism is in the mountainous part of Ukraine, therefore we can learn from them a lot. The owners of agro-farmsteads (agrosadyby) provide the services with accommodation, food, tours, workshops and other interesting attractions. In summer, you can enjoy berries, fruit and vegetables in the open air. In winter it’s fun to sleigh down the mountains, as if sometime in the carefree days! The activities here are both for adults and kids.

Rural tourism has a positive effect on the development of the village, since nowadays there is not enough of paid work. Therefore, the development of rural tourism will give a new impetus to the revival of small communities by creating opportunities for self-employment, tourism inflow of capital, the recovery of social dynamics.

Immerse yourself in the incredible beauty and richness of the village, find quietness and tranquility or fun and joy there. Live ecologically, think positive and remember that there are many enigmatic rural corners that are waiting for you!