The “Image Mapping” project continues: after the all-Ukrainian forum on rural tourism, which took place in Vinnytsia, the next stage is international working camp in Kholodnyi Yar.

It is extremely important to hold the events for gathering people who are interested in the development of rural green tourism. Thanks to the Forum people came from all over Ukraine with a common goal to develop the green tourism. Communication with adherents, real examples of estates, interesting speakers and presentations gave rise to the new ideas and inspiration for developing one’s own business. Unfortunately, Ukraine has quite a few events like this and actually it significantly slows the development of rural tourism. Indeed, it is necessary to be fully aware of this business. As far as for meeting the tourists` needs, it always requires to use the latest standards and technologies, focus on promoting the information about one`s estate in the media, try to arrange one`s estate better and more comfortable for various groups of people.

The promotion of tourist places is also equally important. That’s what we are planning to do during two weeks in the summer with the participation of foreign volunteers in Kholodnyi Yar. This place is rich in historical events and has incredible nature, so actually it wasn’t just chosen by chance. We’ll cover the territory of Kholodnyi Yar, to which five villages belong (Melnyky, Buda, Ivkivtsi, Holovkivka and Medvedivka). During the camp we are planning to install 9 points that will be combined in one route of “Alive pictures”. Still, an important role should be played by local residents and the community, since the project aims to attract farmers to the development of their community. The owners of green estates are especially interested in the development of green tourism in the territory of Kholodny Yar. That is why, we are making contact with the enthusiasts wishing to help in the construction of the route. Some of these people also attended the Forum.

Furthermore, it is planned to conduct a training on green tourism development and the final Forum at the end of the project. Such systematic work will bring the noticeable changes in the development of rural tourism. Since, it is so important to enrich one`s knowledge and skills constantly, to grow and improve the estate and tourist places and of course to accustom people to travel in Ukraine. Since, our native country has many wonderful places, since it is rich in traditions and diversity of everyday costumes, so far the best thing is to explore all of these being in the heart of the Ukrainian villages, because many things are still remained authentic, untouched and not destroyed there.