Krushevo is the highest town in North Macedonia and its name derives from the meaning “Town of pear trees”. It is located in the historic area of Pelagonia surrounded by beautiful mountains. Krushevo is a hilly town with lots of narrow winding streets. Seeing an interesting-looking building in the distance, it’s easy to lose sight […]

What is Image Mapping? It’s a passionate discovery

For long we’ve been enjoying the creative exploration and immersion into small communities. We tried to engage youngsters who seek adventure and try to find soul-mates on the journey. We were thinking “What is Image Mapping for us besides often the strenuous preparation and performance in every camp, every partnership?” And the answer is that […]

Workcamp in Stina 2018

From 8 till 21 July Eco-Center in Stina / Еко-центр у Стіні hosted a work camp Image Mapping 2018. This time the project has walked away from the usual format as the Development center Pangeya Ultima / Центр розвитку Пангея Ультіма is a partner together with the Nashe Podillya / Наше Поділля in the development of the center itself. That is why the […]

The “Image Mapping” route in Antaliepte (2017)

The Image Mapping project has stepped over the border of Ukraine and was continued with an action in the Antaliepte village, Utena region that is on the far north of Lithuania. This place was chosen thanks to the cooperation of the DC Pangeya Ultima members with the “Innovator’s Valley” (founded by the NISI – National […]